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Martin Luther King Today when we look around, you see signs on building saying “whites only” or black schools and white schools? No, but in the 20th century segregation existed. Martin Luther King Jr. uses logical and emotional appeal in his speech “I Have a Dream” to persuade and open the eyes of American citizens. Martin Luther King Jr. was a young man who lived in the 20th century where slavery had come to a halt around America however, segregation of black skinned Americans still lingered throughout the country. King started to realize this and tried doing things about it, when he entered collage he started to work on a speech which would soon become the famous speech “I Have a Dream”. Finally at the age of 36 Martin delivers his speech, he delivers his speech in Washington D.C and soon after, he stopped oppression and segregation against blacks. But how you ask? By making his speech powerful and reaching out to people. The emotional appeal in Martin Luther King’s speech is existent in many areas in the speeches body. One of these areas are: “One hundred years later the negro is still not free” If you think about it people being treated horribly for 100 years is pretty saddening especially for when it’s just because of the color of your skin. Another example is “The life of a Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of oppression”. Martin uses emotional appeal for both sentences, to describe the depressing life of a Negro. The use of ethical appeal is very apparent in Martin’s speech. Ethical appeals in