Pirate Or Puritan Analysis

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Pirate or puritan
Part 1

1) The three thing I learned from this article were: He had three wifes I learned he was governor of Plymouth a long time, and that he predicted his death he said that the next day he will die and he die.

2) He was an important leader, he was governor of Plymouth for almost his entire life until he retired, and by that experience he converted in one famous writer who writes the “of Plymouth plantation”.

3) That day in the harbor of the ship his wife fell of the board of the ship and drowned.

Part 2
Journey entry:

May 3
Another day in this vast sea looking at an “able seaman” that all he does the entire day is sit in a chair and give directions. I was relaxing at 3 in the afternoon when I heard the bell from the ship and a men screaming AHOY! AHOY! At that time I knew we were in trouble, y come out of the bed and head to the bow of the ship, people were running and screaming all over the ship they were confused, at that time I didn’t know what was happening, after a moment a guy told me what was happening but all he talked was blathering I didn’t understand him but from what I understand I knew there was a ship coming to fight us.
We didn’t sleep the night before the fight all I thought about was how this fight is coming to end? Are we going to win? Are we enough prepared to fight? I didn’t know the answers to these questions but surely we know there is going to be ways to find them out, 6 pm the other ship reached us…