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Morgan Russell
English 11
7 November 2013
Captain Ahab In “Moby Dick” Ahab is the captain of the ship called the Pequod. Ahab takes the crew threw many terrifying and exciting adventures, all to capture one white whale that had taken his leg many years ago. The whales name is Moby Dick and he is a rare yet powerful whale that Captain Ahab will strive for until the death of either him or the whale. Ahab is a very determined person, he is so determined that he is clueless on how much he is actually risking him and the crews’ life. Determination can be a very rewarding trait to have but at the same time when you use it like Ahab does, then it can also lead to death. Like how Ahab is so determined to kill Moby Dick that he ends up dying and taking his whole crew with him to their deaths. One trait Ahab does have that I applaud him for is the patience to actually wait all the years he did just to get revenge on one whale. There were many other whales he could have taken it out on, but he wanted that one whale and he made sure that that was the only whale he would be satisfied with killing. His patience was stretched out for a long period of time, even though he knew the risks and what had occurred the last time. A trait that makes him so edgy is the fact that he is so unpredictable. You never know what is going to occur with Ahab. An example of this is in the movie, Ahab finally realizes while talking to Starbuc that it was risky and stupid and that he shouldn’t risk the crews life over a whale. But then two seconds later when the guy on top sees Moby Dick, Ahab goes right back on his mission to kill Moby Dick not thinking about what his emotions and thoughts were before…