Essay about English: Poetry and God

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Discuss the language or rhythm of the poem and say what you think the language or rhythm contributes to the effect of the poem.
Do you like the poem? Give reasons for your answer.

The poet makes use of colloquial language and slang in phrases such as ‘de rainbow, you know god know wha he doing. I does want know if God ain’t a woman.’ The function of this type of language is to show us that God is accessible to everyone and does not limit himself to one type of person or race.
There is deliberate repetition in the opening lines of the first and second stanzas, ‘When you see ... when you see...’ This makes the movement of the poem relaxed and easy - the poet want to show us that God is there for everyone.
The poet also uses a rich metaphor in the image of ‘the raincloud pass’. What the poet wants to stress here is the reality of difficulties and sorrow in this life. He goes on to ask the question is god doing limbo. This idea is original and suggests that God is playing a type of game with humankind.
The third stanza shows us a striking comparison between the rainbow curving and a woman bearing a child. The poet here wishes to stress the wonder and power of God’s creation, how rich it can be.

Yes, I like this poem. The language is simple and colloquial and I realise that it certainly communicates very vividly the whole idea about how God is not biased against everyone, but instead opens up the wonders of his creation to the whole world and to every type of person