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Five Year Strategic Plan
Lincoln Police Department

Lincoln Police Department
317 Authorized Sworn Officers
108 Civilian Support Employees
Population of Lincoln
Population of Lancaster County


Police Chief Tom Casady

In the fall of 2006, Chief Tom Casady tasked Captain Joy Citta, of the
Management Services unit, with updating the Lincoln Police Department’s
Strategic Plan. Sergeant Don Scheinost was designated to serve as co-chair of the committee.
Twenty five people were selected to examine several categories to develop the new five year plan. The individuals that participated in the development of the new plan were department staff, city employees, students and citizens of the community.
These are the critical issues initially developed as items that needed to be addressed in this five year plan. The items were identified by the police
Command Staff, as a starting point for the Strategic Planning Committee.
*Decentralized Team Stations
*New or upgraded police facilities
*Support services for decentralized facilities
*Forensic Lab needs
*Our workforce
*Support staff issues
*Plan for succession of supervision and command
*Staffing the various shifts

The twenty five members of the Strategic Planning Committee were assigned to three sub-committees. The critical issues were assigned to the various committees.
Members of the three committees, and their focus areas:
Staffing and Facilities: Sergeant Chris Peterson, Chair.
Sara Hartzell-City Planning Department
Nate Persell-Student
Pat Wenzl-Police Garage Manager
JoAnna Svoboda-Police Victim Witness Unit Manager
Cindy Burmeiser-Police Service Desk Supervisor
Investigator Nate Flood-Police Checks and Frauds Unit
Sergeant Ann Heermann-Southwest Team
Sergeant Anthony Butler-Northeast Team

Training and Equipment: Sergeant Sandy Myers, Chair.
Barbara Jacobson-Lincoln Public Schools
Brady Beran-Student
Erica Birky Rios-LPD Community Outreach Specialist
Michele Selvage-LPD Payroll and Accounting Manager
Officer Matt Franken-Northwest Team
Officer Ty Denney-LPD Traffic Unit
Officer Mario Robinson-Northwest Team

Community Policing and Technology: Sergeant Jim Davidsaver, Chair.
Heather Christensen-LPD Records Manager
Tami Wellmann-Southeast Team Community Group
Officer Matt Brodd- LPD Community Services
Officer Chassidy Jackson-Center Team
Investigator Chilton Leedom- LPD Family Crimes Unit
Sergeant Danny Reitan-Southwest Team
Sergeant Todd Beam-LPD Technical Resources

Lincoln Police Honor Guard

This is a fluid document. It is meant to be a guide allowing flexibility in planning for the future of the Lincoln Police Department. As budgets and other priorities change, this plan can be revised to meet those important guidelines. This is an update to what has been a succession of five year plans. Many of the items mentioned in this plan are continuations of previous plans. The committees felt that some recurring issues that have been a priority to the
Lincoln Police Department for several years still exist.
In this plan, we have attempted to identify short range factors as well as long range policy issues that could impact the Lincoln Police Department. We feel that this plan accurately defines issues that the Lincoln Police
Department, and the City of Lincoln will need to consider, to have a well trained, staffed, and fiscally responsible police department.

2001-2006 Critical Issues review
The 2001-2006 Strategic Plan identified two common threads among the issued discussed. The two main threads were personnel/staffing and access.
Personnel strength was identified as the priority. It was noted that staffing levels
Lincoln’s 1895 Police Force are at times difficult to maintain, but staffing drives department morale, efficiency, and effectiveness. As noted in the previous plan, service demand is not likely to decrease during the next