English: Popular Culture and Feature Article Essay

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YEAR 11 SEMESTER 1, 2013

UNIT: Youth and Popular Culture
ASSESSMENT: Feature Article (persuasive text for a public audience) W1
NAME: ____________________________DRAFT DUE: Monday 25 February 2013

TEACHER: ______________________DATE DUE: Last lesson wk begin. 4/3/13


❖ Write a feature article on issues and challenges facing the youth of today and as presented in the novel Looking for Alibrandi. You may focus on broader social issues as well. ❖ A persuasive text is one that seeks to argue or persuade and is intended to convince readers to accept particular perspectives or points of view. A reflective text is one that seeks to ponder, muse or reflect on events and experiences and may also be persuasive. ❖ You must take a perspective on adolescent culture for your feature article and that perspective must permeate your response. ❖ You must explore, analyse and critique how youth are represented and perceived to be in the text. ❖ You will show how the image of youth in popular culture, including in the novel Looking for Alibrandi, is shaped and that popular culture is dynamic. ❖ Use appropriate quotations to support your response. Use a title that reflects & related to the thesis. ❖ You must establish a position that you wish to convey to your readers.

• determining why this particular work is valued by considering, for example, its insight into the human experience, its treatment of an important theme, the skill with which it is written (literary criticism )
• analysing the novel to identify its gaps and silences (personal growth and reader response approaches)
• examining and experimenting with the ways language choices in a feature article influence and are influenced by relationships between text producers and users (socio-cultural approach) AUDIENCE: Adults and peers LENGTH: 800 words
CONDITIONS: Prepared Assignment – Home and Class time:

|Familiarity with genre |Taught in class over four weeks |
|Familiarity with subject matter |Focus of six week novel study |
|Resources available |Text, books, internet, peers, teacher, parents, library etc. |
|Access to resources |Full access |
|Prior notice of task requirements before first draft |Two weeks |
|Time between first draft and final submission |One week |
|Referencing conventions |Informal as per genre |
|Layout conventions |Typed and in columns, headlines, images etc as per genre |

|Teacher Monitoring of the Text Production Process |
|You must present initial planning notes AND at least one (1) draft in order to prove authorship |
|Stage of Production |Teacher’s Signature |Date |