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Uniting as One
Judging from personal experience I would have to agree that English being the Native Language of the United States, should be something to strive for. Especially those who want to make a home and progress in this country. Not only is our constitution based upon the English Language, it also emphasized the fact that an individual should know English if he/she wishes to become a citizen. I believe that language disputes are all over the world, and there needs to be a change in order for us to become a greater country. It is obvious that communication is a problem in this country. Therefore, English should be a mandatory language for those living in this country.
In order for all of us to communicate it is best for all living in the country to know one language. It would not only benefit this country, but to oneself as well. People who migrate to this country should strive to learn the English Language, so they can live a better life. There are a variety of jobs for those who speak more than one language. If those who migrate here only speak their native language or chose not to learn English, they’re not going to progress in life.
The reason being why America is such a great country is because of the diversity that we have. That is why we are known as the melting pot. Since diversity offers a variety of ideals, and beliefs, it is beneficial to our country. I believe that the many different perspectives and views of a person is very important to this country. But it is hard for the majority of us to speak up, especially if one doesn’t know how to speak English. Speaking too many of my relatives, who are immigrants, they too agree that English should be mandatory. Their point of view based upon fact that people who migrate to this country are looking for a better life. From their experience they came into this country not knowing English and the only way to progress in any job is to know the language; Without having done so jobs would be limited and relatively hard to find. I see their struggles that they face, and I see that they try their best to be a part of this country. They came here to have the best opportunities out there. Thus, being the reason why they learned the English Language.
Becoming a citizen was my mother’s dream, and I am proud to say that she achieved it. She came into this country not knowing a word of Spanish. She told me stories that it was very hard for her