The Life Of A Teacher

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Sometimes the things adults think is the most important has the least to do with who we are. We go to school because we have to, the parent forces us to, or our needs to; for me is getting a good career. However, last year I was grateful to meet a teacher who changed my entire perspective on school. Dr. Jason is my calculus professor, he is young but he amazes me with how much he has accomplished within a couple of years. With his dedication and perseverance, at age 27, he has graduated from University of Washington, travel along the globe, and earn a degree to teach students.
As a student, what we really want from a teacher is enthusiasm. A teacher that makes boring things seem interesting. Dr. Jason is one such individual. He is free spirited and kind. We can tell that he loved teaching. Every morning as I walked through his door he would always give a positive attitude and energy that sets the entire class going. He changed my entire perspective on school.
Who knew that someone can make differential equations interesting at 8h00 in the morning, for Dr. Jason, it was effortless. He was always good at what he taught. If you raised your hand, he was always quick on his toes to come over and gladly help. He understands us and helps solve our problem the best he can. He is not only teaching us to solve problems like in textbook, but he also pushes us to use our creativity to challenge us to apply what we know to discover what we don’t know. Sometimes I struggle with my homework, I would stay after school so I can get some help with a challenging problem. In those moments, the line between teacher and students blurred, and we both become cooperative learners. I enter this idyllic world and find a place without grades or homework, just simply pure learning.
This is when I finally notice how passionate I am towards this subject. I’ve always loved