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The east cafeteria better known as the EC to the students. We know all cafeteria food is not that good but the EC has some good days. The hours are good but when the weekend hits that is when we know the real definition of “the struggle.” When I say we I mean we as in certain students who stay in Steen Hall, Hall 14, Hall 20, and Hall 16. The EC is not open on Saturdays only the Student Center Cafeteria both should be open so people will not have to walk across campus just to eat.
The food in the EC on certain days is really good other days it is like they give us the same food from last week. For example if they do not know what else to cook they just make grilled cheese sandwiches there is nothing wrong with grilled cheese but that is like their fall back food choice. On the market side of the EC it is pretty good but it has flaws too. There are three stations in there to choose from; pasta, wraps, or burritos. When you get a wrap they really do not give you a lot meat you have to ask for it and sometimes they do not even give it to you. As for the burritos they give you one scoop of meat when they should at least give you two scoops. I know they have a rule of how much portions to give out but some rules are meant to be broken. They have some fruit out that you can get but the fruit looks old and there are fruit flies by them. If they want fruit out the cafeteria staff should make sure that the fruit is fresh and not old.
The food is not the only thing it is the hours