English: Psychology and Camp Essay

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Significant Event:

“Life is not measured in the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.”
I believe that life is made up of good and bad times that eventually turn into memories that we’ll either cherish or learn from. I think that we, as people should learn to not take advantage of these moments, because someday any day they will become a part of your past. One moment specifically that taught me many life lessons and is to this day one of my greatest memories. It is my trip to Camp Wahanown.

I know what you’re probably thinking; “Out of all of your 16 years of life, how could a dumb old camp be so significant to you!” Well, let me further explain. In Grade eight there was an offer given to me, that was to be a part of a trip to Camp that isn’t too well known, but had gotten a pretty good rave from other kids in my school who had gone in years past. I, being the “girlie-girl” that I am..wasn’t too thrilled with this idea as my Grade 8 end trip. But, just like all of us I thought I’d give it a shot and see how it went.

As I stepped on the bus, a month or two later, I had no idea what to expect. I was very nervous and I felt like I had a week of hell ahead of me. I specifically remember pulling up the camp, after the 5 hour bus ride and looking out the window to see an old, dirty looking Camp. You know that typical camp you can easily imagine in your head. I also remember turning to my friend Tayler, and saying “What have you gotten me into?”

Getting in the cabin(which by the way was creeky, dirty and filled with bunk beds), it was no surprise as to what I saw. I picked the little room on the left that had two bunks and was secluded from the rest of the girls in my class. This was good because my friends and I weren’t too big of fans of the other girls. So, it was Tayler, Cassidy, Brittney and I in our own separate “room”. We set up camp and I wished I wouldn’t have come. That night (since we got there late) We only had time to meet our camp councillor and eat dinner. Our camp councillor had to of been the goofiest looking guy and also the funniest guy there. His name was Hayzen (I know right? Weird name!) He had a big beer belly, and a huge smile that had a big harry beard surrounding it. He escorted us to the dining hall, where we had to sing and dance the loudest to eat first. This is when Hayzen really won me over because he jumped up and sang “Baby” by Justin Bieber and man was it funny!

The next day we got to pick the event we wanted and I picked trapeze, drama theater, friendship bracelet making, rock climbing and this really weird jungle gym contraption(I’m almost positive that’s not what it’s called). We had all these to look forward to for out last 2 days here. Speaking of the days, they never got boring each day had something exciting happen, and I will never forget these memories ever. I’ll give you a few examples. One was when we had to go canoeing and my mom who was a parent help on the trip was chasing us around, and splashing us to the point of where my friends and I landed in the water which