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English Creative
My original idea for this article was to look at the effect World War 2 had on society and film and how it was then portrayed in the movies. I felt that it would be hard to do this as a feature article, which would usually involve being witty and using satire, without being disrespectful.
My parents occasionally watch re-runs of the old Star Trek series and whenever they are on my brother and I make fun of all the bad special effects. To which Dad would get annoyed and reply “in my day this was cutting edge stuff”. My feature article discusses special effects and how, through advancements in technology, we have expanded the possibilities of film making but are finding it harder to appreciate old film.
The use of special effects is an extremely important film technique, one that has the ability to advance further than any other. Its progress across the last 60 years was interesting to research and to write about.
I aimed my article towards people who would be reading the FILMLINK magazine. This would be the 20 to late 30 years age group and anyone within the film industry or advertising agencies.
To decide how my article should look article I referred to the three FILMINK magazines that I borrowed from Mrs Logan. I used InDesign to create the layout for my article. There was a distinct style across all the magazines which included having a picture across the front and a title with in the picture. I attempted to copy this design but it was difficult to find an image large enough to fill a third of the page.
As I looked at articles from the FILMINK magazines I noticed that the first few sentences set the scene of the article, some telling a story or creatively…