History Of Telegraph

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Humans have always had their ways of communicating. Even as simple as talking to someone or giving them “the look”. Later on in time other means of communication where developed. Writing and language had to have come into existence for me to be writing this. When electricity was invented and technology was more advanced, the telegraph was invented.
People could communicate with the telegraph across seas and across the world by Morse code. This revolutionary machine was very useful for some time. During the war and overseas the telegraph was a critically necessary piece of machinery. Technology was even more advanced when phones were released. These were not handheld, but connected to the walls and called telephones. Now, you could talk to people from all around the world. This basic yet revolutionary technology is used today in all phones so that we can talk with families from pretty much anywhere. Next came mobile phones which are like the ancestors of modern cellphones. These phones were huge and bulky, and were hard to carry around, but still more convenient than telephones in that they could be taken to places with no telephones. This technology was extremely useful and practical to make human life easier. This was a step toward something bigger that still continues to change people’s lives by allowing users to communicate easily from far away. When phones finally became more user friendly and small, was about twelve years after its bulky predecessor. Now you could communicate and talk to people through a device that can fit in the palm of your hand. Instead of the simple -push a couple of buttons and talk to someone- now the tiny little screen could be used to even play simple games. As phones became more advanced, the screen became colored in some models and on more advanced models, one could even surf the web. Of course it was during this time that the most used way of communicating, after talking, was starting to come into existence; text messaging. Us humans are always texting someone nowadays. If you go out