English Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Liv Harris
May 15, 2015
Period 5
English 11 Are Romeo and Juliet truly star­crossed lovers? In my opinion, Romeo and Juliet are not truly star­crossed lovers. I don’t believe that they are because everything is based off of appearance. When they first meet all the comment on is how each other looks. They hardly knew each other and they kissed. We know that they didn’t know each other because Juliet didn’t know what his last name was or who he really was at all. Then
Romeo went to her window to, again, look at her. That evening they had made plans to get married, still not even bothering to get to know one another. In my opinion Romeo was still in love with Rosaline but knowing that, if you will, she would never “put out” for him, he tried to move on. When he saw Juliet he immediately liked her appearance so he approached her, trying to get over Rosaline. When Juliet first saw Romeo, and Romeo showed interest in her she agreed to whatever he said, as a way to get him to marry her so that she didn’t have to marry
Paris. This isn’t love at first sight or truly being in love. This is just two rich kids who have always gotten what they want and now they think they want each other. You can’t just look at someone and know everything about them and immediately fall in love with them. It doesn’t work that way. Shakespeare is so clearly making fun of them. If he wasn’t why wouldn’t he include the marriage? Why make Romeo be banned when Juliet is so in love? Why…