English: Salem Witch Trials and Great Place Salem Essay

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Michael Jackson
October 3, 2013
Journal Entry Assignment
English 11 Barnes

June 14, 1692
I have finally arrived to Salem, Massachusetts. Great place Salem is. The people look to be diligent workers who seem to be out of whack with this witchcraft nonsense. You can tell everyone is close because rumors spread fast through this town. On my way here all I here is talk of the devil. This makes me smile, because I know that if the devil is here I hope that I can put an end to his demonic ways and powers. I learned a lot about wizardry in my days in school. I am positive that I can banish this monster that has attacked this village. The people of Salem are much into my books and studies. From the stories I have been hearing, the devil is sure to be here. Mr. Putnam’s child and Mr Parris’s child both seem to be conjured. The children were dancing around a pot. And now they lay stiff as if they were wood from a tree. This seems to be some type of proof that these children are ill. As I start to besiege my question upon the kids right away Abigail Williams called on Tituba’s name. Than after being whipped and asked Tituba started callin’ names. Oh, what a good day is it to know that the devil has to hold of these children. June 24, 1692
This has been yet but a terrible day. I came here with a mission to get the devil out of Salem. But as the court proceeds I realize that these kids are not really conjured. Mr. Proctor has told me about how Abaigail has told him that this is all just pretend. But, these girls are wonderful pretenders. Liars if you honestly want to say it. As we are arguing back and back with the girls against Mary warren and Mr. Proctor he risks his life, How? He tells the court a sin which he had not told me. Proctor says that he has committed lechery with Abaigail. At first I was non beilevant but after seeing this man weep it, I know now that he is no lie to the court. This tilted the scale for Proctor. But when the court questioned his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, she said no word of it. I even tried to speak up for him, but seeing how even my voice wasn’t being heard I became angered. And once Proctor damned the name of god, I acquitted the court. I have never in my life seen this type of crime. These kids are lying but believed.…