Essay English: Sherlock Holmes and Watson

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It has been told that opposites attract in the novel Hound of the Baskervilles. The author known to be Arthur Conan Doyle magnifies Watson as a competant and usefull assistant towards Holmes and also how he is a brilliant and emotionally detached genuis. In the following essay i will state by using the four traits being, actions and behaviour, thoughts and feelings, relationship with others and lastly the charaters motivation how Watson shows his assistance and how Holmes his brilliance. The outes used to justify the four traits explaine how both Watson and Holmes are foil characters. Foil characters being the two that magnify and highlight the traits of one another. Dr J Watson is a competent and useful assistant towards Holmes . He shows this through his actions and behaviors, Thought's and feelings, relationship with others, and modivation. Firstly Dr. Watson shows his capability through his actions and behavior. When Watson is told by Holmes to go with Henry and to not let him out of his sight he makes sure that nothing gets in the way of his responsibilities. He never wavered until Henry wants to go meet Miss Stapleton and wishes to be alone, then he thinks to himself, " To follow them and break their intimate conversation seems to be an outrage and yet my clear duty was never for an instant to let him out of my site" ( Doyle 85 ). Watson doesn't want to let Holmes down so he remains by Henrys side because he is determined to let nothing happen to him. He knows that its not what Henry asks from him that is important but it is what Holmes is asking from him. Secondly Dr. Watson capably assists Holmes using his thought's and feelings. In the book Watson says, " The promise of adventure had always a fascination for me, and I was complimented by the words of Holmes and by the eagerness with which the Baronet hailed me as a companion" (Doyle 48). Watson is honoured that Holmes recommends him and ends up excepting the offer to take Henry and stay by his side to make sure that nothing happens to him.Watson is ready to listen to anything and everything that Holmes has to tell him and is ready to assist Henry in his journey. Next Dr. Watson capably assists Holmes through his relationship with…