English: Sibling and Bryon Essay examples

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English Culminating Task

Part One: Write three paragraph on one major character (Mark Jennings or Bryon Douglas) Covering the beginning, middle, and end.
Bryon Douglas: 16 year old, good pool player, looked like a baby face, lives with mark, it was against the law to be in a pool hall if you were under age because of the adjoining bar, Bryon Douglas was a good friend with the bartender and owner because he used to date his little sister and when they broke up he still stayed friends with her brother , Charlie the bartender was 22. (9)
Bryon could always find a cop, Bryon was owing Charlie 3$ of Cokes, Charlie was a business man, Charlie was a big, tough guy so a 3$ beating up was something to worry about (10)
Mark had lived at Bryon’s house ever since he was 10 and mark 9 and his parent shot each other in a drunken argument, Bryon’s mother wanted a hundred kids but she only could have one. (12) Bryon is a big black guy, dark hair and eyes the kind who looks like a saint Bernard puppy. (13) When Bryon’s mom went into the hospital, bryon and mark went low in money so they had to bought clothes from a second hand store that always had a sign saying we buy almost everything, he find it pretty lousy buying used clothes.(13) Bryon would lie especially to girls like telling them i loved them and junk, when he didn’t he would have a rep as a lady killer (17) mark and Bryon liked to get into fights.(21) Bryon used to go out with curly sister. Mark was a pick…