English: Sibling and Sister’s Keeper Essay

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My Sister’s Keeper Essay
From the beginning of the film, we are introduced by a narrative from the younger sister, Anna, describing the difference between her birth and what is considered as a “normal conception” of a child. She basically tells us about how her parents created her only to be a donor to her sister Kate who suffers from cancer. Later in the movie we find out that Anna is actually planning to sue her parents to the rights to her body; to no longer be a donor to Kate. As the movie progresses we find out that it was actually Kate’s idea for Anna to no longer be a donor because Kate actually wants to die. It was her mother all along who was trying to hold on to Kate.
When Anna sued her parents, her prime reasoning was that it was her body and she should have a choice on whether or not she wanted to donate. Her mother, who was a former lawyer, argued the fact that she was 11 and was a minor; so she wouldn’t know what she wanted and that she was too young to be represented by a lawyer. I for one feel as though this fact, in this given situation, should have been waivered and it was. Anna was old enough to understand that she didn’t want to give up her parts to her sister, whether forced to this decision by her sister.
During the movie, it felt as though Anna was treated less than Kate and so was the younger brother. The parents seemed to not pay them any attention. That was until the father finally came to his senses and realized how they were treating their…