To What Extent Is The Protagonist A Stereotype Of The Biblical Presentation Of Women

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In Duffy's Delilah, to what extent is the protagonist a stereotype of the biblical presentation of women?

In this essay I will be discussing of how far the leader stereotyping of women which is presented in biblical reference and the poem 'Delilah.'

The biblical story of Delilah is slightly similar to the poem. Sampson is a strong man because of the locks of his hair but happens to meet Delilah where he begins to trust her in time and eventually tells her everything as he falls for her. She persuades him to shave his locks off as it can free him from the strength which he is convince to do. He was arrested for this. In the biblical story Delilah is the persuasive one and Sampson the weak one as he is falling for her and becomes even weaker when his strength from God has been taken away. The message that comes across is not to trust women, which shows the stereotype of protagonist as men do not like this. They like to be in charge. Women were to obey and follow the men's demands not to control it themselves and it to be the other way round.

Both the biblical and poem show Delilah as persuasive, in control and very passionate which shows the stereotype of leadership showing more of this in the poem as the bible only shows a minimal of leadership. The presentation of women is much more stronger to show the opposite effect of which should naturally be correct. However she is trying to make him do the right thing by seductive him and cutting his hair in his sleep. The…