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English Assessment
How have the decisions and perspectives of a main character in your text been influenced by their relationship with another character?

Colin Mudford is a 12-year-old Australian boy who lives in Sydney with his mother, father & brother, Luke.

At the start of the book, Colin was pretty naïve & impatient, but he gets more wiser towards the end of the book. Colin tries to disregard his feelings, like how he acts as if he does not love Luke, until he finds out that Luke will inevitably die. Colin has a very positive outlook on Luke’s illness, like how he believes that there is a cure and he persistently tells his parents “Luke isn’t going to die”. Also, in the story, it looks like Colin is the type of person that tries to make people feel better & happy. For example, he tried to find the ‘World’s Best Doctor’ so that Luke could get better in order to make everyone else feel happy. And he also gave Griff a visit on behalf of Ted.

At the beginning of the book, Colin was sent away to stay with his uncle, Bob, and his aunt, Iris, who live in London. Meanwhile, his brother was to remain in Sydney and be treated for his terminal cancer. But Colin’s determination to save his brother had caused him to make many risky choices & decisions, some of which had got him in trouble. This was all because Colin had believed that he could find a cure for Luke’s terminal cancer in order to help him, and in the process, also impress his mother.

Even though, in despite of being on the opposite side of the world, and without any realistic means of helping Luke at all, he attempted to find a cure anyway, ignoring the complete hopelessness of his mission. He managed to get through all of this primarily because of Ted, a young Welshman, who had helped him greatly through this dilemma of his.

I believe that the person who had helped out Colin the most was in-fact, Ted. This is because 1) he was the main reason Colin didn’t get in trouble as he took the blame for Colin popping all the tires in the parking lot. 2) Ted