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English Speech - Life Misha

(I forgot to print it yesterday so I edited it when I got home. It's not exactly how I want it and it might seem a bit random because I need to develop some areas . Also I don't have microsoft word so I have no idea how long this will be as my 'WordPad' doesn't have pages. I've cut it down a little bit so I'm guessing now around a 1 1/2 pages)
I thought my topic should be something relatable but also personal, so I decided on life, or my views on life at least, and the impact of technology on humanity. I normally think about this kind of stuff at night before I fall asleep, how everything came to be, why we're here, and other strangely deep things a teenager might think. I'll start with my views on life.
It's occured to me that the most interesting question anyone could ask is, why? It leaves room for an answer that could depend on science, or religion. Personal experience or a story. An example could be, why am I the person I am? You could say, 'because of my upbringing' or 'my education', but I personally think that who we are is down to the sum total of every experience we've ever had. The big ones. The small ones. You might think 'well that's obvious numbnut'. But think about it. For me I would say that the biggest experience that has defined who I am is being an only child, and having just my mum. I always had to play by myself at home, entertain myself, go through my troubles by myself; ofcause there was always my family and friends to help me and take care of me, but the older I got the more independant I became. I think this shows in my personality, I like to work alone, I'd rather get through my problems myself , and in my obviously humble opinion I'd say I'm more mature than a lot of people my age.
That is just small block part of what makes me who I am. Just one person. So if you really start to think about the world and what components make it up, everything suddenly seems a lot bigger. Or perhaps we feel smaller? Whichever way round it is, the more you think about something the bigger it seems; when looking at a star so near in the sky one could simply say that it's a ball of light. Such a small, simple definition of a what is actually an incredibly complex amalgamation of science things and stuff. In which nuclear fusion is taking place; hydrogen nuclei colliding, fusing together to make helium neclei. From this star light could have travelled hundreds of light years just to reach our eyes at that exact moment. The star could have faded out of existance ages ago, but we are only just seeing it's life now. It's past is our present. Time travel.
So to relate this back to what I was saying before and make myself sound like I know what I'm talking about, let's say that the light from the star is your own past, and you are looking back on it from where you are now. A memory. What that memory contains, possibly something painful? Or frightening? A regret? Perhaps a