English: Stevie Wonder and Huge Grin Essay

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Here comes dawn and the squawks of the birds outside my window let me know that my day has begun. Not just any day, my B-day. I could hear a parade of feet running to my door. As It flung open my mother stepped in pronouncing ‘’HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRE’ANNA!!!!”As I sat up I could feel my hair stand on ends. With a huge smile upon her face, she crossed the floor holding a small, silver, rectangular box.’’Come on lazy” she said, “Get up and open your gift!” She sat on my bed with a huge grin bouncing with joy. As I grabbed the box I could see written in calligraphy ‘’Kay’s Jewelry”. My eyes lit up as I looked inside the box there sat a beautiful diamond necklace!!! “Mom this is amazing!!!’’. I yelled with joy. ‘’Mom dad you guys are the best parents ever!!!’’ I said yanking it out of the box and clipping it around my neck. I jumped out the bed bursting with excitement and ran to the bathroom to get ready for school. I turned on the hot Water and bean to shower. As I stepped out of the shower I grabbed my towel and began to dry myself off. I walked into my room and put my special birthday outfit on. My skinny jeans, pink aeropostale cami, and my black vest. ‘’oooo I’m looking so fly right now!!!” I said. I sprayed oil sheen on my tight blackish brown curls, made up my face and put my pink and black bracelets on. I took one more look into the mirror, from the diamond necklace down to the 4 in heels. ‘’The most remarkable outfit for the most sensational day ever!!!” I walked over to my dresser, grabbed my book, my car keys, and my pink coach bag. ‘’ have a great day a school sweet-heart” my mother said as I walked out the door. ‘’I feel like a celebrity” I said walking in the driveway in the autumn like weather’’ I just love California” I said as I hoped into my car and set purse and my books into the passenger side. I started up my mustang. I let my sunroof down since the sun was shining and I put my sunglasses on. With a huge grin on my face I turned on the radio, inserted my seatbelt and drove off. ‘’McClain High your princess has arrived “I said as I entered the school parking lot. Jumping out of my car I see Ti’anna, my best friend. “Happy birthday girlie!!!’’ “I love your outfit.’’ She said with enthusiasm. “Well it’s not every day a girl gets to turn 16!!’’ I said blissfully. As we approached the freshmen hallway we saw my other best friends, Rozhonta, Tray, Kimberlany, and Ivory. “Happy birthday Bre’Anna!!!’’ They all screamed as they ran my way. I was a little embarrassed, but I couldn’t help myself I spent around in a circle and did a cute little curtsy.