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Moniqua Hood



6, November, 2014

The open window

I’m afraid of sleeping but I’m also afraid of leaving my eyes open in the dark. It’s
Childish of me-I know-but I can’t help it. There’s something there and it stares back at me from my window. It started off with dreams but, soon it became more than that, I began seeing thing in the corner of my eye and in the mirrors. I’ve told my parents but, they don’t believe me.

We’ve gone to the Doctors and well, they had me take drug tests just to make sure I wasn’t doing anything funny behind their backs. How could they think that? I’m just
SCARED….So on a particular night I stayed up and secretly placed cameras near windows to prove them wrong. So when it struck one o’clock, it would appear. And surely enough it did.

“Jessica…”It would whisper my name until I did something about it-so it forced me to get up from my bed.

“Jessica…” I sat up, grabbed my baseball bat that I hardly use now days and walked over towards the window but, I held my shut tightly. Because...The appearance of this creature was my reflection so it looked like me. The only difference is the fangs it had, the bloody tattered clothing, its treacherous black pupils that seem to stare into your soul and those freakishly long fingernails. “LEAVE ME ALONE “I growled, tugging the curtains over. Returning to the warmth of the bed sheets, I stared at the window for a while and noticed its shadow. It moved to the left of the window and disappeared from sight, so I sighed in relief and closed my eyes and thought about ponies and all those loveable girly fairy tales. Sleep finally came, but it was a short lived sleep. Because I was awoken to a familiar voice “Jessica….”I gulped down hard because the voice was noticeably more audible than before. “Jessica…” It was in my room

with me. I felt its fingernails gaze my cheek, scared, I gripped at the bat-I had it closed by, and swung hard.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!! “ I cried at the top of my lungs and bashed it, bashed until it no longer called my name. But then another one appeared in the doorway presenting a frown as it called my name louder. “Jessica??”So I attacked I felt a mixture of pleasure and sorrow as I stared at the woman at my feet” MOM ... “I gripped at my stomach and tried to cover my face, trying not to giggle, Jessica wants to play again.”



The neighbors called the cops, because of all the noise, I have no clue what happened after that all I remember is being pulled by two officers and them forcing me into the cop car. I wasn't sure if this was a delusion or if it was actually happening. Next thing I knew I woke up in a mental hospital, I was awoken by the violent pain in my right arm where they had stuck a needle into my arm my whole arm is black and blue I’m guessing because I had not eaten anything in days, laying there in that bed all I could think about is the last time I, saw my older

sister was that night she was outside screaming “You Promised …. You promised “As the cops began to interrogate me all I could think about is the fact that I KILLED my own parents, and now it’s my fault that my