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English assessment
AHHHHHHHHHH THE BRIDGE IS FALLING I CANT HOLD ON I AM GOING TO LET GO Debbie said “JUST A LITTLE MORE I CAN GRAB YOU”. Suddenly the wood panel she was holding on to snapped again and Anita fell though and Debbie screams “Noooooooo”.
It's the morning of December 31st. New Years Eve at “Flinders National Park”. A beautiful sunny day with the family camping and all having the time of their life everyone is laughing and just being happy. Anita and Debbie, the two sixteen year old best friends started to unpack their things, excited to be sharing a tent. As they unpacked their things they decide to go for a walk to discover the area they will be staying in for the next week.
“Debbie look there is a water hole” Anita runs while Debbie follows. Slipping down the mud path and falling straight into the water hole. Laughing so hard, Anita says “you're a winner now aren’t you Debbie”. Debbie says hey how about you stop laughing and help me get up I am freezing here”. Anita says “alright give me your hand”. as Debbie and Anita walk through the forest again, it starts to lead to a dirt rocky road with wooden railing this rocky road was surrounded by massive tress that are so tall/high that you can’t even see the sky. The road starts to get ery and gloomy. Anita says “Debbie are you sure that you wont to walk though this dark rocky road you can’t see anything” Debbie say “stop being a scaredy cat and just walk will be next to you the whole time”. Anita says “ok I trust you”.
As the Anita and Debbie start to walk further into the rocky path Debbie says “ummm Anita I think we are lost” Anita says “don't worry were together nothing could possible go wrong”. They walk down the path even more getting more scared so they look to see how to get back Anita says “ok I am officially scared now Debbie lets go back” Debbie says “we will walk down a bit more because I have no idea how to get back”. Anita and Debbie continue to walk down even more, they come across a interesting little thing. As they get a better look at it, they come across a hut and the girls thought it was a bit weird that here was a hut in the middle of nowhere but