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English Story
As soon as I had entered the airport terminal all he could hear was people talking. I proceeded to check in and was waiting in line for at least twenty minutes. I had gotten so bored of waiting that he started to listen in on the conversations people were having around him. One of the conversations he heard had intrigued me, there were rumours going around that there may be an assassination attempt on a lawyer who was representing a witness on a murder trial. This man was heading to Los Angeles to go and represent the witness. These rumours had worried me a little as I was traveling to LA as well. But I didn’t let these thoughts worry me too much.
As soon as I had checked in I made his way too security. When I got there I grabbed a tray and put all of my belongings in it and continued down the line. As I was approaching the gate a man ahead of me got pulled to the side regarding some of the items in his luggage. He was a dapper looking gentleman and seemed to have been aggravated that he had been pulled to the side. I never did see what had happened to him, I wonder why he was taken to the side. As soon as I got past the security checkpoint I headed to one of the nearby stores and bought myself some hot steamy chips with some tomato sauce.
I sat down in the lounge area and started eating my hot chips, they were really good. All of a sudden I was approached by the man who was stopped at the security checkpoint; he asked “would you happen to be traveling to LA on the 12:00 flight?” I responded “yes, is there a reason that you’re asking me?” He replied “excellent, I’m unable to attend the flight due to sudden business at my company, but I have to deliver this package to one of my colleagues in LA. Would you be so kind as to take this briefcase and deliver it to a man named John when you arrive in LA? I’m willing to pay you $100,000 if you do this.” I felt that this was a bit suspicious but I couldn’t refuse that much money. So he gave me the briefcase and when it was time, I headed onto the plane.
As I got in the plane I found my seat row and put all my carry on luggage into the overhead luggage area. I carefully put the mysterious briefcase into the overhead luggage as the dapper gentleman had said that there is fragile cargo inside of it. I thought that there may