English: Sun and Water Neighboring Land Essay examples

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What makes America beautiful can only be seen in the eyes of the beholder. When looking at the world around you, you must take a step back and realize how beauty can define the freedom we have in our country; which enables us to capture its great qualities. When thinking about America’s beauty I imagine the crisp air of Rocky Branch; a camping ground at Lake Anna, Spotsylvania.
The feeling of excitement while boating across the lake, with the misty air brushing the sides of your face; as if it were the gentle touch of a loved one. The only thing surrounding you are the sounds of the motor; giving off the remedy of something so familiar like the lullaby you’d fall asleep to as a child. Trying to avoid its stare, the sun beams down from the heavens. The feeling as though you were a deer in headlights, it blinds you. Looking away into the horizon there’s nothing but water neighboring land for miles and miles. The crashing of the waves that is so peaceful it gives you the sensation that you are free. Returning to the shore after a long day on the water everything is calm. Watching the sun set it appears to be fading into pinks and oranges when slowly turning dark. The clouds scattered, clear enough to see the appearance of stars that start to fill the sky. There’s a cool breeze that blows through your hair, giving you chills down your spine to remind you of the heat you had felt so intensely before; you start to shiver. Reminiscing on the day you’ve had, your stomach begins to flutter with butterflies anticipating the moments, days and memories that lye ahead.
Beauty is found in the smells of a campfire that lingers in the air on a cool summer night. The company of loved ones huddled around this flaming ball is impeccable. Singing, followed by laughter makes nights like these one of the many memories you could never forget. The roasting of marshmallows over the open fire, makes everything…