English: Super Bowl and Television Essay

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Are you one of those viewers that have viewed a commercial that is just so vexatious that it stays on your mind? A commercial that is so offensive that it either draws your attention to it or makes you want to turn the television off. If you are one of these people, I understand because I am one of those particular viewers who have experienced feelings like this watching the super bowl Sunday night. There are an abundance of commercials on television that are offensive due to inappropriate sexual content or stereotyping of certain people, however the geek and the model left me speechless. This commercial portrayed the beautiful model, Bar Refaeli kissing an unattractive computer nerd, a little too intimately for an event watched by families. The commercial focused both on sex and stereotyping. In my opinion this commercial was very offensive to many viewers because it displayed almost a sexual love scene. They were kissing and grabbing each other’s face as if they were two lovers all alone in a room. It bothered me because I feel commercials like this exploit beautiful women to either sell products or promote a corporate item. It is really embarrassing to women because these commercials are portraying an image that women are only sex objects. It also indicated subliminally that beautiful women cannot be smart. The result is that these commercials portray beautiful women in a negative away; nothing more and nothing less. This commercial did not just target women; it also targeted a specific type of man as well. The educated, working man. However, who determined that this type of man looks like the image on television? Isn’t it possible to be smart and attractive? What disrespect for those who are educated. What disrespect for those that do look like the image on television. The image of a lonely, fat nerd kissing a worldwide, five star super model was made to be laughable. I feel it is wrong and very hurtful to display a commercial like this as it creates a fantasy for “nerdy”, unattractive young males that in reality probably could not come true. In addition, it ingrains the image in the mind of viewers worldwide. Television is a powerful medium that influences even the young. Another reason that this commercial was particularly disturbing is that the Super Bowl is viewed by