English: Superman and Mobile Devices Essay example

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The use of mobile devices are becoming more and more common in nursery, primary and secondary schools and university. This increasing demand for technology is a distraction in and out of the classroom. Many of British pupils can be seen hiding, showing and using mobile devices in the classroom. This chaotic affair must be dealt with if the children want to learn and therefore develop their skills and attributes.
Arguably, one of the most significant problems with mobile devices is cyber bullying, this astonishing interaction between peers can have life long-lasting effects. Furthermore, to see it being done in the classroom where children learn to love, play and learn together is quite disturbing and shocking to both parents and adults. The damaged caused has effects on both their minds and souls, hiding their true nature.
Additionally, in a recent survey, 46% of teachers identified mobile phones as a cause of disruption and indiscipline. Teachers particularly worried about pupils taking photographs during lessons and posting material on YouTube and social networking site which is one of the main contributors to cyber bullying as covered above.
However, mobile phones are now powerful handheld computers, complete with camera, speaker and a whole host of educational apps, giving us the ability to interact with the world host of educational apps, giving us the ability to interact with the world of information and with other on a 24/7 basis.
In conclusion, these mobile devices are not only damaging our children’s minds but are affecting their career options and ability’s in their adult hood and is making the community socially awkward.
Throughout the passage we can see how Tom engages and sustain the reader’s interest using a personal style of writing. This is evident with an unglamorous anecdote to grab the reader’s interest “wind-whipped tarpaulin” this gives the reader a feeling of involvement and they feel connected with Tom. The use of first person engages his readers “I was working on a film” the readers want to hear more about his experience due to the personal effects added. Furthermore, he develops this point by using his own childhood memories to support his point about the influence of superheroes on film “I wasn’t diving, I was flying like Superman” this emphasises the effect heroes have on young children’s minds and encourages them to take justice against evil, this personal anecdote sustains the readers interest with his point.
On the other hand he creates an atmospheric effect through detailed description to hold the reader’s attention “the rollercoaster ride…skies of Manhattan” this detailed scenic description holds the reader and makes his experience more