English: Susquehannock and Mariah Hill Professer Essay

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Mariah Hill
Professer Williams
March 19,2013
Bacon's Rebillion

The side that I am choosing to agree with Governor Berkely. Berkely wanted to keep Jamestown as it was, which was well put together and organize. Berkeley also treated Virgina like his own person property, making larger grants and countenacing laws that produced great uncertainty. Not that it made it right that Berkely was raising taxes, but Berkely had a good vision for Virignia. The colony had a couple of diseasters, but the biggest one was in 1676 which was called Bacon's Rebellion. Governer Berkely wanted to work together with the Indians. He was consider a reliable friend of the planters. While Bacon wanted to be very selfish and take over the Indian's land. Bacon went as far as to use the Occaneechees Indians to find the Susquehannock Indians to execute them. Governor Berkely was fid up with Bacon's narcissistic ways and declared war on him and the Occaneechees Indians. I feel as though that Berkely didn't want to react towards Bacon, but he didn't leave him no choice. Bacon didn't like the fact that Berkeley raised taxes and reduced opportunities to buy their own farms. Bacon led the rebel because he felt as through Berkeley was not being fair towards the farmers. He wanted to show Berkeley that he could not force all those things on them. But honestly, The Governor had all right to declare war on Bacon because Bacon felt like he did not have to listen to anything that The Governor was trying to