English: Teacher and Creativity Essay

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The “Eureka!” moment is one we all seem to strive and work for. Yet, at the same time there is an expectation that only a few, select of us have the capability, ability or rather the creativity to be able to reach it. That is creativity is something that “[is] granted to only a few individuals whom the gods favored” (David Burkus). However, recently, there has been a change to this particular mindset. Suddenly, creativity is not something restricted to a certain group of individuals but rather something that everyone has. It has become something that has the capability to manifest within people in different forms and, more importantly, it has been “recast as a prized and teachable skill” (Laura Pappano). With the right teachings and direction even the most seemingly “uncreative” person can become considered “creative”. The change in how people view creativity to something that can be taught has meant that it has also evolved into a “credential” (Laura Pappano). Creativity is something that one can put on a certificate and claim that they are “creative”. While it is true that being taught how to be creative has taught many people new skills and allowed them to think in ways that they may not have considered otherwise, it also raises the issue of whether the way of creative is being standardized. In other words, by creating a structured method on how to be creative, in an effort to spread creativity, do we risk limiting creativity, as other methods of being