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Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region III-Central Luzon
Schools Division of Tarlac Province
Name:______________________________________________________ Grade & Sec.:_______________
Listen to the story (A Cake for Kate) as your teacher read it to you. Answer the following questions below by encircling the letter of the correct answer.
1. Who was turning ten? A. Cathy B. Girly C. Kate D. Cely
2. What did Kate see on the bench one late afternoon?
A. Balloons B. Flowers C. Cell phone D. A big box
3. What was the first thing that Kate did to the box?
A. She brought the box to their house.
B. She brought the box to the principal’s office.
C. She gave the box to her classmates.
D. She kept the box inside their classroom.
4. Who was the owner of the big box?
A. Mr. Basa B. Kate’s classmate C. Mrs. Salas D. Kate’s friend
5. What was the gift of Mrs. Salas on Kate’s birthday?
A. a bag B. a cell phone C. a wristwatch D. a Cake
The following are the events in the selection you have just listened. Arrange them according to order by numbering 1,2,3,4, qnd 5.
________6. One late afternoon, Kate saw a big box on one of the benches.
________7. After school, she would stand near the gate to sell rice cakes that her mother made.
________8. Kate was turning ten. But she was not happy. Birthdays were ordinary days for her.
________9. Sunday came. It was Kate’s birthday. After attending mass, Kate and her mother went home.
________10. Mrs. Salas gave a red box tied with a ribbon. Kate opened the box. It was a cake for her birthday.
Write the letter of the correct answer before the number.
________11. Which of the following words with a long e sound?
A. make B. mat C. neat D. kite
________12. Which of the following sentences feel proud of being a Filipino?
A. My father is Japanese, my mother is a Filipino, I am not considered as a Filipino.
B. Filipinos have brown complexions; I have white skin, so I am not a Filipino.
C. I am a Filipino and I am proud of it.
D. I came from Canada; I just came here to visit our relatives.
________13. Which of these words has a long i sound? A. bake B. Pat C. meat D. kite
________14. Read the following words; gate, lake, lane, cape, cage. What is the common sound of the words? A. Long e B. Long a C. Long i D. Long o
________15. Choose from the following phrases with short a sound.
A. tape the pages B. rat ran to the mat C. beat the heat D. dined on fine rice
Complete the sentence with correct form of the noun inside the parenthesis or parentheses.
16. Mother needs (box) ____________ for our unused clothes.
17. The (teacher) _______________ are in school.
18. We made (flag) _____________ in class.

19.During the Holy Week, our family visited different (church) ________________.
20. The boys brought their (toothbrush) _____________________to the camp.
21. There were