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Lyman’s overall personality stay the same throughout the story but different aspects of him and his opinions also change. Lyman is a very wise character, and cares deeply for his brother. When his brother Henry returns from the war, Lyman immediately knows that Henry is depressed, and in need of a project. Even though Lyman worked on fixing the car himself, he busted it up in hopes his brother would see the opportunity to fix it, and Henry did. Lyman tries to make many situations in the story positive, but when his brother comes back from war, his only thoughts are that his brother has changed and is now a loner. At the beginning of the story Lyman was living a very happy stable life, but by the end he feared for his brother and would do anything to change what happened, even smashing up their car.

““You never seen my hair” Susy said. That was true. She was standing on a chair, but still, when she unclipped her buns the hair reached all the way to the ground. Our eyes opened. You couldn’t tell how much hair she had when it was rolled up so neatly. Then my brother Henry did something funny. He went up to the chair and said, “Jump on my shoulders.” So she did that, and her hair reached down past his waist, and he started twirling, this way and that, so her hair flung from side to side. “I always wondered what it was like to have pretty long hair,” Henry says. Well we laughed. It was a funny sight, the way he did it. The next morning we got up and took leave of those people.”

Lyman and Henry had new experiences together all through this trip. Lyman is reminiscing about one of his favorite times with his brother, back when they were close. Henry was full of life and a much more lively person before the war, as far as Lyman described. I think Lyman wishes he could have this Henry back, and that’s why he is including this in the overall story. This road trip is…