English: Third World and Poverty Essay

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A little 9 year-old girl, a daughter and a provider for a sick pregnant woman, starts her day off by walking to a local food cart that is across from her tent. Her hands dusted with dry blood and dirt, she holds the rupees firmly in her right hand and crosses the busy streets of Model Town, a city in New Delhi the main hot spot of India. Her stomach grumbles with pain and hunger as she is walking towards her cure. There she will buy two bananas and an apple to share with her mother for br eakfast and probably lunch. After which, the small girl will sit under a tree in the central part of Model Town and extend her small breakable hands and beg for food for her sick mom
Her plight is common amongst billions of people around the globe who cannot help but live in poverty and in underprivileged environments. One has to just zoom in on the small picture and see the truth of how a part of some people’s world and lives are detoriating. Yet, all of this is invisible to most of us. We feel no gratitude with the freedom and wealth that is available to us. We ignore most of the world and focus in on our own forgetting that more than three-fourths of thw world is suffering poverty. Poverty that many of us are not exposed to.
As children of our future, we grow in a sheltered environment a lot of us are not exposed to real third world poverty. So, to develop a plan to embark to a developing country after the completion of four years of high school allows new found adults to be ready and prepared for the real world. With a better understanding of the real world our new generation can improve and reduce the amount of poverty that scars our globe. Just taking a trip to your local downtown to contribute and feed the homeless is much different than going to a whole nation revolving around poverty. And the thing is that they need the basics that even the poor here take for granted: things like safe drinking water, shoes, mosquito repellant, soap, toothpaste, trash pick-up, sewers, and vaccines. These things are available to them in any homeless shelter or group home. People in poverty in a thirld world need hopefulness that the way things are isn’t the way things have to stay. The kind of poverty experienced in the third world is a hopeless fatalistic poverty. They have no safety nets. Without someone extending a hand to help them up, they have no way of bettering themselves. None. This poverty is in a completely different category than the poverty in the US, where with a lot of hard work (and some help), you can help yourself and get out.

The issues Ameirca is undergoeing like the “crisis” and “recision” is in no doubt good and should be taken lightly, times have been tougher than ever. But doesn’t it make you cringe when your friends are complaining over not having enough money for gas via Facebook on their $90-per month Smartphone? I get sick. Here in America, as a developed country, have become so used to having everything, we complain about even the smallest things not working out in our lives. While those, in third world countries would be simply happy with just being able to stay alive.
My trip to Pakistan into the Middle East really altered my outlook on the freedom we are given. Did you know that if you were even suspicious for homosexuality in many parts of Middle East you could get killed? Visiting a country that was so