Essay about English: Thought and Natural Beauty

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The Poem

Still to be neat, still to be dressed
As you were going to a feast;
Still to be powdered, still perfumed; [These first three lines basically describe the situation. It is talking about a person who always appears to be dressed for a party or some big event.]
Lady, it is to be presumed,
Though art’s hid causes are not found,
All is not sweet, all is not sound.
[The next three lines address a lady, who is the assumed and, in most cases, the person that fits the earlier description. It is telling her that there really is no cause to dress like that and that it is really unnecessary.] Give me a look, give me a face,
That makes simplicity a grace;
Robes loosely flowing, hair as free;
[The beginning of the second half describes someone who embraces natural beauty, as opposed to someone who “dresses up” all the time. A person that goes with a natural look is an example of gracefulness and simplicity.]
Such sweet neglect more taketh me
Than all th’ adulteries of art.
They strike mine eyes, but not my heart.
[The author reveals his thoughts on the situation at the end of the last verse. He says that he prefers naturalness over lavishness. The author also writes that though major enhancements to someone’s natural beauty may catch his eye, it never really captures his heart. ]

The poem is written very well and holds a good lesson. It is well written because it uses a good and interesting choice of words that make it easy to read. The author also presented information in a logical manner that is simple to follow and understand. Finally, the piece conveys a thoughtful and virtuous message. It is easy to interpret the message because of the excellent, yet simple word choices made by the author. I do not really think there is a huge personal application for me in this poem since I do not think that I do this. I agree with what the author says because it makes a lot of sense. People, who dress up for everyday activities, for example going to the grocery store, usually look pretty silly. This poem still serves as a reminder to