The Island Of Malekula

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“The island of Malekula used to be a happy place, a fantastic holiday destination, one of worlds best. ““There would be song and dance around the glowing campfires, with the embers that put on a show of their own.”

“There was seafood just taken, fresh from the oceans mouth.” “Fruit that was so ripe and sweet you would devour it in two seconds flat. “

“There was the dreamy surroundings, the smiling locals, the grains of refined sand between your toes, and the warm silky, salty ocean water.” “Its tones of bubbly berry blues would glisten during the day and night.” “These islands were a dream come true…“

“So the legend goes, that some years ago, a mysterious plague swept through the island of Malekula. “ “No one knew how this plague was triggered.”

“ But this is what we do know.” “It was a dark misty night; the islands were sleeping, as were the people.” A long foreign figure twisted and turned through the whistling trees.” “ Was this the cause, culprit? We still don’t know.” “The police and FBI have been to investigate.” “The foreign figure couldn’t be found, and they never returned from the island. “ “The only footage was filmed by one of the police, before he got under the strength of the plague and fell to his death.” “The footage filmed, was an angelic, innocent child.” “She lay, collapsed on the floor, pale. Dead. Lifeless…”

“No one since has gone back to investigate this case, but we need someone to solve it. Do we have any volunteers? A hero? “ “Mr Chaply?” …“ Yes thankyou Cleo, I will take this case”

This is how Mr Chaply got in this position, he agreed to take this case, he was going to prove he could be a hero. Of course he did not ideally look like a hero, with his freckled face, glasses so round and thick they could pass for the bottom of coke bottles. His thin frame washed out skin and his curly brown locks. But here he was now, pulling up in a creaky, rusted Tinny. All suited up, his black briefcase in hand, stepping out onto the island of Malekula.

Chaply muttered, through his chattering teeth, like a chimp
“ Oh, g-g-g-gee”, “ Well th-this is nice”, “ And sc- sc-scary.” “ I must look like a fr-fr-fr-fruity talking to myself!” “ Not that there’s anyone alive on this island to,