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UNIT 1 1. Acquisitive: (adj) tending or seeking to acquire and own, often greedily; eager to get wealth or possessions.
Sentence: From here however, the company became increasingly acquisitive and ambitious. 2. Banal: (adj) devoid of freshness or originality
Sentence: A lot of modern music today is banal. It is bland and instantly forgettable, but there are some exceptions like Coldplay who write and make great music. 3. Belabor: (v) To explain, worry about, or work at something repeatedly or more than necessary 2. To assail persistently, as with scorn or ridicule 3. To beat vigorously; ply with heavy blows
Sentence: He kept belaboring the point long after we had agreed. 4. Coherent: (adj) Logically connected; consistent 2. Sticking together; cohering 3. Having a natural or due agreement of parts 4. Pertaining to waves that maintain a fixed phase relationship Sentence: All users produced designs that were internally coherent with both layout and navigational elements 5. Emulate: (v) To equal out or excel; imitate with effort to equal or surpass
Sentence: Live out the behavior you would like your children to emulate. 6. Eschew: (v) To abstain or keep away from ; shun; avoid
Sentence: Eschew evil; love will automatically enter your heart. 7. Germane: (adj) closely or significantly related; relevant; perinent
Sentence: Please keep your comment germane to the issue. 8. Substantiate: (v) To establish by proof or competent…