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Week 2 DQ 2

Being someone who is into technology, I visit a ton of websites daily. Some websites that I visit, I find creditable and some I know are not. Some of the websites that I visit that I would consider creditable would be news websites like CNN.com or MSN.com, other creditable websites that I would use daily would be Boy Genius Report and Geek. Com. Both those websites I find to be the most creditable out of them all because they are written by professionals of the certain fields of technology on the websites. There are other sites that I use on a daily basis that, I really would not consider them being creditable like Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia (not for school of course!). I know that I can get some news and great information from these websites, but I know most of it could be not true at all, like the time when I found out that Chris Brown died on Facebook and then I found out that it was just a hoax. Creditability is more important when you are writing when you are writing anything academically and professionally. Anytime that you are writing something that you want people to read and want to believe, you need to make sure that all the work that you are writing about is creditable.

Week 2 DQ 2 Response to Joanne
Joanne, it is important that we have websites that are safe secure and creditable. It’s great to be able to have websites that we can trust on the internet, when there are a lot of websites out there that are not secure and not creditable and are there to possibly deceive people. Facebook is an ever growing source of information that no matter if we care about it or not, we need to keep in mind anything from a website like that we need to be careful because a lot of it could be wrong and should be taking with a grain of salt. There are times where you will