Analysis Of Pollution In Our Oceans

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Patrick O’Reilly
Individual Write Up

Attempting to fix a problem in our world today can be very difficult. Your message needs to be clear and straightforward so that your audience can gain interest in little time. It’s all about how you send your message and if you can catch attention from the right crowd then your message can be delivered to other platforms. With this strategy, I wrote my essay on pollution in the oceans. I chose a target audience and used that to deliver a message about our world’s oceans. The approach that I used for my proposal argument “Pollution in Our Oceans” was in essay format because I believe communicating to the people of our community will not work. Unfortunately, getting people together to pick up trash and organize a rally and discuss how pollution is wrong will not fix the problem. Instead I used this assignment as what I would send to these major companies or networks on how they are destroying our oceans and the wildlife that resides in them. I used compelling facts and the hard truth as a tactic to construct a resistance to what they are doing. If they could receive this message then maybe we could fix the problem which is them! If they could make a change in their system then that could lead to a positive impact in our marine ecosystem. By going after big companies we can influence the management to become more environmentally friendly. I basically used online websites for facts and