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The book I have recently read is Killer by Sara Shepard. Killer is about three former best friends Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria. They have all come together after finding out their best friend Alison DiLaurentis was murdered. After finding out the tragic news they all have been getting threatening text messages from an anonymous person called “A”. “A” knows all their secrets and the bad things they’ve done. Every since they became friends with Alison they’ve been lying and doing bad things. Alison made them do terrible things they had to keep secrets for years. Even though she was killed during the end of 7th grade year all their secrets didn’t die with her.

The project I chose for my book “Killer” is to write a letter to the author. The reason I chose this this project is because I’m such a big fan of the show and book I felt that I should express it to the author. I felt that this project would be great for me to figure out why the author wanted to write these kinds of books. I asked the author questions about why she wrote the series of pretty little liars and what gave her the motivation to become a writer. Me writing a letter to the author is something new cause in never wrote a letter before. Since I’m a very big fan of the show and the book Pretty Little Liars I’ve decided why not write a letter and ask the author a few questions

I chose to write a letter to the author because she is a good writer and the books and shows are great. I want to know how does she keep her readers so drawn into the books that make them want to read more and more. How does she keep the plot twist going and going to where she has a whole lot of series of books? I want to know if people in her high school going threw what the characters in the story were going threw

Dear Sara Shepard, Let me start off by saying that you are one of my favorite authors in the world. I have read almost every book you have published about pretty little liars its one of the best drama packed suspenseful series of books I have ever read. I was wondering what put you in the mind state to write a series of books about four girls going non-stop to find the killer of their best