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English 1350: Business Communications
OCC; Highland Lakes
Section: H1516 Room: HOH108
Thursday 9:00 – 11:55 AM
Winter 2013

Instructor: Barry Hewelt
Office: 338 Woodland Hall
Phone number: 248-942-3162
Office Hours: Thursday 9 – 12 Noon, and by appointment
E-mail: brhewelt@occ.edu
Department phone: 248-942-3232 Office: 352 Woodland Hall
Library (WH 2nd floor) ASC (WH 20) M-Th 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM M-TH 8:30 AM - 7:45 PM F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM F 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Sat 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Sat 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Sun Closed Sun Closed
248-942-3125 248-942-3035

Required Text:
M. Satterwhite and J Olson-Sutton. Business Communication at Work: third edition. McGraw-Hill, Irwin.

CATALOG COURSE DESCRIPTION: Students will identify the basic elements of the oral and written communication in careers. Based on these elements which include principles of organization, purpose, proofreading, graphics, and language structure, students will produce communications appropriate to the careers of their choice.

The course is designed to accomplish the following objectives:
1. Understand the necessity for listening to, reading, and following directions
2. Be presented with a grammar review
3. Be presented with the basics of business communications
4. Compose, format, and manage e-mail
5. Evaluate the quality of the information accessed from the Internet
6. Format electronic and HTML resumes and search online for jobs
7. Give an electronic business presentation, including preparing effective audience handouts
8. Cite electronic sources such as Web pages, online journals and directories, email, and other Internet sources in business, APA and MLA formats
9. Be shown how to look at and think critically about writing through various assignments
10. Be given an explanation on the use of the computer for producing different documents and conducting research
11. Be presented with an explanation on writing drafts and proofreading; and will be expected to proofread their work before submission
12. Be responsible for their performance in class on individual and group levels
13. To develop an understanding of and respect for individuals and their ideas

Specific course objectives: Students will create ten (10) graded projects. The assignments require different mediums based on the rhetorical situation. These writing assignments in conjunction with class discussion and several additional class activities will develop the students’ professional communication skills, both oral and written, and develop critical thinking and analysis skills.

Students will be responsible to explore the ASC and incorporate it into their writing processes and academic fulfillment. Students are encouraged to meet with the instructor throughout the semester during office hours or by appointment (best arranged via e-mail), especially for concept or assignment clarification.

Students are obligated to check Desire2Learn for this course on at least a weekly basis and when directed by the instructor. All assignments will be posted on the discussion board as unique topics within 24 hours of being discussed in class. Students may reply to the assignments to resolve questions (the instructor will check daily) and discuss ideas with fellow students. Additional information available on Desire2Learn includes this course syllabus and links to the Keys for Writers websites.

Instructor Comments: Communication is one of the foundations of the business environment and a key success factor in an individual’s career. Through exercises and projects, we will experience a standard approach to business writing activities providing you with a base to customize for your individual work environment.

General Education is the foundation of every student’s program, regardless of area of emphasis, and is intended to impart common