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English writing
How does Shakespeare present the relationship between Juliet parents in act 3 scene 5?
Shakespeare presents the relationship between Juliet and Lady Capulet as not very close when Juliet says ‘what unaccustomed cause procures her hither?’ (pg.129 line.67). This quote is just before Lady Capulet enters Juliet’s bedroom. The quote is showing the shock of Juliet from her mother entering her room, like as if she doesn’t want her mother to come and talk to her or it’s that they don’t talk face to face without Lord Capulet being there. Shakespeare makes the audience think that just because the Capulets have a nurse, its fine for Lady Capulet to not talk to her own daughter about things that are happening in her life. It’s like Lady Capulet is there just for Lord Capulet and doesn’t know or want anything to do with Juliet. The actions of Lady Capulet are also shown at act 1 scene 3 (line 12-17) when Lady Capulet is talking to Juliet about getting married and finding a man. The nurse knows when her birthday is but Lady Capulet doesn’t know anything to do with her daughter. This just shows that Shakespeare doesn’t leave a characteristic at the being of the play but carries it on and throughout the play. Looking at the word ‘unaccustomed’ it sounds like Juliet doesn’t want to be visited by anybody or that Lady Capulet has come at the wrong time. From the quote I find that there is an interrogative sentence but to be more specific it’s a Wh-interrogatives sentence. Shakespeare using this type of sentence is showing the audience, that Juliet might have wanted to say that question to her mother, but just may have been afraid of what the response might be. This point just shows how their relationship is in the play. If we look at girls now in the 21st century, they can talk to their mothers about anything and they also don’t worry about how their daughters are going to be presented as. On the other hand I think that Juliet is worried about how she is going to be seen, if she says something bad and also the thoughts/ emotions are playing with her mind. It’s not just Juliet that shows a bad relationship but Lady Capulet also is not showing great love for Juliet. ‘[Aside] villain and he be many miles asunder-…’ for this quote I wanted to focus more on the word in the brackets ‘[aside]’. This small section is showing that Lady Capulet is not talking to Juliet but talking to the audience. Shakespeare is trying to imply to the audience that Lady Capulet is talking about something, that Juliet doesn’t need to know about. Lady Capulet’s action is showing no love to Juliet and also it’s betrayal to Juliet as well.

Shakespeare shows Lord Capulet’s attitude towards Juliet as very mean, when it says ‘hang thee, young baggage, disobedient wretch!’(pg. 133 line 160). This quote is showing the anger of Lord Capulet towards Juliet not wanting to get married to Paris. The words that Lord Capulet uses are not just a couple of bad words but they are a threat to Juliet. This affects the way that the audience thinks when they watch the play. It makes them question how does Capulet see his daughter? And also they would wonder if he actually does cares about her. The key words to look at are ‘hang thee’. This is showing that Lord Capulet is shocked. If we were to say that now in England, people would say that it is abuse and probably take it to court or the child would call Childline but in this case it was seen to be normal as a telling off. This