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An individual’s identity is constructed through their language. It is very easy to decipher somebody’s identity by deciphering their use of language. Every person is unique in the way they speak, their use of diction, their perception etc. and this helps us to know basic facts about them. What I am trying to do here is to prove the above point I made by showing different styles of speaking amongst certain people.
I chose to write a conversation between two or three people. There are two scenes in my task. The source for the first text was a tiny article which featured in the magazine “Brunch” which showed the use of Hindi and English together, known as hinglish. The source for my second scene was the movie, “The bodyguard”
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Isn’t it fine to have a room look dirty once a while? Also, I hate her obsession with the television serials she watches, all of them have a common view about how men have extra marital affairs! And then, her parents! Her parents ko toh har cheez mein naak dalni hoti hai. It gets annoying sometimes.
Lawyer: Well Okay, Do you mind if I call Pragya back inside?
Rohan: Um, teekhe, okay.
*Pragya enters the room and has a seat and the conversation begins again*
Lawyer: Did you guys have an arranged or a love marriage?
Rohan and Pragya in unison: Um, It was a love marriage.
Rohan: But obviously parent’s se permission li thi.
Lawyer: How did you two meet?
Rohan: Well, I saw her at a dost ki party. I thought she was beautiful and I thought I saw her steal a look
Pragya: *blushing* I was sitting and getting bored, playing around with the samosa in my hand when he suddenly came up to me and started talking.
Rohan: Aur phir we left the party and went for a long walk, marine drive ke paas.
Pragya: I remember we shared the last kulfi the kulfiwala had.
Rohan: It was a memorable day and I thought to myself that she was the prettiest lady I had ever met and she was everything I ever looked for and that my search had ended right then.
Pragya: I thought it was a magical moment sharing the kulfi.
*An abrupt change of scene is noticed. It is the next day along with a new session*
Lawyer: So have you guys though about ki aage kya karna hai.
Pragya: I