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HSB4U Observation Field Research

Research Question:
What is the function that is most used on peoples cell phones?

My Research Project And Its Goals:
Our research project is based on which function is used the most on a cell phone. The expectations and goals for this assessment is to conduct accurate statistics based on the function used the most and also to observe multiple people and to see their own preferences in what they use the most compared to other teenagers. Questions we ask ourselves are, do teenagers have the same function preference on their cell phone or do they have their own personal function they like to use that other teenagers might not.

We conducted our research mainly through interviews, and observations. We observed each individual in each class that we attended specifically to see what function that have used. We interviewed three specific individuals and asked them 4 specific questions that were phone related. We asked them questions based on the phone, such as why they purchased that specific phone, and also what do they check their phone for mainly. We had then attended two classes, which were Mr. Guzzo’s Sociology class, and Mr. Medaglia Personal Fitness class. We had approached students in each of those classes and asked them there most used functions. We asked these people to fill out a survey on what function they use/favour the most. We surveyed about 30 students, and interviewed 3 people in total.

We Interviewed student number 1 at 4:42pm on September 16, 2014. We had then interviewed a female September 13, 2014 at 5:30pm, and the 3rd was a student who was interviewed on September 17, 2014 at 1:12pm. The observations were then survyed on September 13, 2014 at 1:48pm in Sociology room, and on September 17, 2014 at 2:00pm, and also the library room at the same time and day.

Well observing we also asked ourselves many different questions that helped us conduct more accurate and powerful results.

We asked:
Why do students take their phones out?
What for?
Are they using their phone in school for academic purposes?
Why do they use that specific function? for what reason?
Why did they purchase their phone etc….

How We Carried Out Our Research:
Three people had agreed to do an interview with each individual in our group, and also 30 other students in Mr. Guzzo’s Sociology class and Mr. Medaglia’s Personal Fitness class participated in this team based study which involved: Engaging in semi structured interviews
Participant observation of daily life and function use of a phone
Socializing and personal experience helped us get an idea of what function was most popular since we are also teenagers with cell phones.

After completing and reviewing the survey, and observing specific details, we have conducted accurate information based on the function that is most used. Our studies have showed that Twitter, Instagram, and Texting were the top 3 functions used. We tallied up everything and we got Twitter, Instagram, and Texting were top 3. Out of the 30 people that we observed, 18 out of 30 used Twitter, 17 out of 30 used Instagram, and 16 out of 30 use texting. So as you can see, statistics were very similar, and the amount of people that used each function were very close and off by 1 each time. The conclusion that we have drawed on human behaviour based on our results are that Twitter is the most popular function used. It is the app that everyone likes the most, and most of the people we observed seem to be avid users on twitter, and instagram. When we interviewed those 3 individuals, many of them said that there phone is used more to the social media aspect, which gives us a good understand that people seem to use social media sites more often like