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Conditions for the Millimmura Family are getting worst as the play progresses. We see at the start of act two, the Aboriginal being transferred to a new reserve, however it was just a scam. We are introduced to Billy, an aboriginal man who is conflicted in two societies the blacks and the whites. Jack Davis focuses on building our understanding towards the natives through the theme of ‘love’ and the character of Gran.

The issue which impacts the most is, when the Aboriginals are transferred to a new reserve. The Aboriginals are moved to the Moore River Settlement on the grounds that there are infected with ‘scabies”. Mr. Neal transfers the Aboriginals to this settlement because of “health reasons” and issues warrants for the arrest of those who refuse to move. In act two scene 3, the matron examines the natives, when the matron examines the natives only 4 out of 89 have scabies. As Davis clearly shows, it is a complete mockery. In scene 5, Mr. Neal says to Jimmy ‘You’re supposed to be at the quarantine camp, that’s when Jimmy says “There’s no point of the quarantine camp its bullshit”. In other words, they were told they have ‘scabies’ when in fact there were normal. Mr. Neal does not want what’s best for the natives. He only shifted the natives to another location for political reasons.

Mr Neville strives to transform the ‘wejals’ to the Australian culture, however he does not realize they have their own living style as well. “Isn’t that the neatest belly button you seen” I bought him into the world with me own two hands”. Gran saying this as she has the same knowledge like the Matron example. Gran proceeds to the status of a matriarch. She didn’t need the white people’s help, as they have their own way of living. The author is trying to position the reader to understand the natives don’t need to accept the Australian way as Mr. Neville wants them to. That is when the complication reaches its most critical point. Mr Neville strives to transform the natives to be in a certain way, dress like a certain way, learn the Australian style. However, Gran for example, has incredible knowledge. There is no need for them to accept another culture. In act two, scene 1 Gran says “Winjar Kaep”. Gran speaks in Aboriginal English which highlights the fact that Aboriginal people have a language and culture long before the arrival of white