Enneagram Reflection

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The Enneagram Personality quiz was the most thorough and detailed one of the three I took. After answering 200 questions, I was given the result that I am a nine. I scored highest for the nineth one at 93.7 percentile. The number nine is characterized as the Peaceful Person. Peaceful people are attracted to peace, harmony and unity. They like going with the flow and letting things be. They sit on conflict and wait for it to resolve itself. Nines want to bring peace to the world.
My second highest scores were two at 92.5 and seven at 89.8. Two is categorized as "the Loving Person," and seven is categorized as "the Joyful Person." Two, seven, and nine go hand in hand with eachother. The three are quite similar to eachother. The loving person
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The more I read about the peaceful people, the more I realized this is not me. Nines are accepting and calm. I am almost never calm. I have a very short temper and it is very hard for me to get back to a calm state. Although I have an open mind as other nines do, I an judgmental. As much as I try not to be, I cant help it. An important characteristic of nines is they are not judgmental. They tend to be appreciative and accepting of people and ideas that oppose to their own. I dont have most of the positive characteristics of the peaceful person. My score on the Enneagram quiz proves this. I scored a 91.7 percentile for the less resourceful part of it and an 85.6 percentile for the resourceful. Although this is a pretty high percentile for both categories, I beleive i hold most of the negative/less resourceful charactertics of the peaceful …show more content…
The loyal people, like me, are blinded by doubt when they are stressed. The stress causes them to second guess their decisions no matter how sure they might be of a specific peice of information before the stress flawed their views. I am at my worst when I am stressed. I usually dont know how to handle the situatution. During exams, anxiety tends to blind my judgmentment. Under stressful conditions, I doubt myself no matter how strongly i believe in something. This is something i try to prevent, especially during exams. The day of the exam, I do everything possible to keep calm and focused. When I am not stressed and emotionally stable, I can focus properly anf thoroughly on the tasks, which in most cases is an