Analysis Of Faith Eno

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Faith Eno scene: lively neighborhood street near a park in the middle of the day kids playing in the background a few cars rolling by a boy walks up to his friends says greetings “ sup man” and smacks hands then asks “ can catch a square? ” his friends respond with “nah sorry bruh” he like “aight I’m going to get some see yuh in a few” he walks off the sound of children increase your can hear him walking.. sound of children decrease … hes moving and as he opens the store door radio music kicks in subtly
convenience store *low radio music in the background* he asks for some cigarettes from store clerk
“can I have some newports..”
*grabs chip bag*
“and these chips” clerks rings up food and say total “ your totals $9.16 “ The cashier offers to give back change
“keep the change bruh” door opens he exits you can hear a few cars rolling by real music kicks in (Hero ­ Frank Ocean) a few cars rolling by I cant belive this semenerter about ot end yeah have you decided what your doing nah not a clue idk i dont get books like you do…
Its crazy you got into state… yeah my mom can believe it either a car coming rolling um window down

hey bruh he stops to take a few drags of his cigarettes and he begins to get harassed by police officer­­­­­­­­( this is really hard for me to come up with words so I haven’t)

The boys like “brah let me live bye” officers refuses and demands identification things go up a notch