Enrico Fermi and Superheroes Assignment Chemoa Essay

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Kelsie Finnigan
AP Psych
3rd Hour
Mr. Oksiuta


Chemoa was a normal enough kid, in his own opinion. He was raised by his mother and enjoyed life in a comfortable suburb with his two siblings. At school, he got decent grades – B’s and C’s. He had a girlfriend, Tate, who lived down the block from him. Life was good, until the accident happened. Tate, who was always very interested in the sciences, convinced Chemoa to accompany her to the science museum in the city. There was a scheduled presentation based on the works of Enrico Fermi, a physicist who was particularly interested in nuclear radioactive reactions. This made Chemoa nervous. “You’re sure this is safe? The scientists are sure this is safe?”
Chemoa anxiously pulled into the packed museum parking lot. Tate glanced at him and rolled her eyes in amusement. “Of course it’s safe! Would they really open this event up to the public if it wasn’t?”
Chemoa figured she was right and tried to calm himself. They entered the building and, much to Chemoa’s despair, were chosen by the leader of the presentation to be examples. Tate was bubbling with excitement, however, as she hurriedly whispered about this being a “once in a lifetime opportunity”. She pushed Chemoa in front of her, insisting that he go first. Chemoa nervously approached the clear cylindrical structure in front of him, which held within its center a floating, glowing, bright green substance. Thinking this seemed sketchy, Chemoa followed the scientist’s instructions: open the small door and touch the green blob. The lab-coated scientist told Chemoa that doing this would temporarily improve his intelligence past any other in the room, and that after 20 minutes, he would slowly sink back to his regular intelligence. Little did the scientist know, the blue radioactive substance was the intelligence enhancer. The green radioactive substance was much stronger and affected eyesight. The scientific community had not yet completed testing on the green radioactive substance, which was recently discovered in abundance on the planet Mercury and brought back to Earth to be fully examined. Somehow, the scientist brought the