Using Count If Formula

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DATE: 7TH April, 2015.
In order to refine data from the spreadsheet thus finding the number of students attending each course on the enrolment sheet. Specific functions has to be used to help select the data we are generating to analyse and interpret. Count if as a function in excel is used to count the number of cells within a set range that meets a specific criteria. For the function to fit into the specified data, the formulae for count if had to be written in the following ways to generate the specified data thus the number of students attending a particular course.
The number of courses present for students to enrol had to be grouped and given a name. This serves as a part of the count if formula thus the array or range where the number will be looked at.

The column for which the number of students attending each will be displayed was created against the various courses.

The count if formula was then typed under the column to display the number of students attending each course. The count if formula involves two parts, thus the range and criteria. The range is the courses I grouped in the enrolment sheet and named it “course enrol”. The criteria is the courses against the number of attendees which is going to serve as a lookup value.

The formula was then applied to the other cells by dragging the formula down to the other cells to apply the function. This then filtered the results from the enrolment sheet providing the student attending each course.

From the enrolment sheet which provided the details of the student such as name and course enrolled. It also provided the exact number of students registered or enrolled on the spreadsheet.

Although the enrolment sheet provided the important details of the students and the number of courses which has been registered on the sheet. However the sheet does not provide the number of students on each course. Therefore the data which has been provided from the enrolment was filtered in order to help specify the number of students which have been on a course. From the clarified data provided. I noticed that some courses had more students registered on it than the ones. It also showed some courses were not selected by any student meaning the interest and pursuing of the course has decreased. The figure below show the results of the data from the enrolment sheet which has been filtered.

A graph showing the number of students registered on a course