Enron Case Study Essay

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Globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility - Corporate Culture and Individual Responsibility

1. Based on Alex Gibney’s film version of the rise and fall of Enron, do you accept Joel Bakan’s argument that the corporation shows “psychopathic” traits?

I agree with Joel Bakan, however, just partially about the corporation Enron showing ‘psychopathic’ traits. Yes there are traits that they were doing unethical actions that completely ruin many people life-long works and their lives; nonetheless, in my opinion, those actions were intentional. The executives at Enron were gambling intelligently, according to the movie, and take a risk so big that it was over their heads at the end, making it an absolute failure. The psychopathic
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They knew it was coming but they did it anyways.

3. Based on the Enron narrative, and Bakan’s use of a psychological analogy for corporate behaviour, how would you define the role of personal values/ responsibility in the daily operations of a large corporation?

Honesty should be the code for any corporation, especially with large corporations, to follow. The larger the company is, the more if at stake. Everyone from the board to every employee should be honest and clean in what they do. It is very important on management levels because if executives crossed the boundary of truth and lies, their actions affect many lives. They put themselves and their employees in danger. Many people rely on salary from the company to live their lives and they could end up with empty hands based on just one decision from above. The corporation’s leaders have to have absolute responsibility of what they do. The employees have to hold true to regulations and do everything legally. There should be rewards for doing things ethically and punishment for not, within the regulation of the company, to make sure everyone are on the same ‘honesty’ page. A strong ethics culture encourages ethical conduct. “Profits with honor”, that is the road every corporation should take.

4. What could/should Enron employees have done about the slowly unfolding scandal in their company?

The staffs should be more aware of the actions from their