Problems Of Team Building In An Organization

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It occurs a serious problem that our team (Distribution and Warehousing) totally fail to reach the expectation of organization in this season. Here are some reasons that listed by our senior manager. Additionally, I provide some reasons and solutions to understand/solve these problems clearly and deeply.

Starting from the first one, during the communication among team members seems nervous. As our team is quite fresh, many of us may not know each other deeply. However, during our works, the internal communication between the team is significant. We have to exchange our ideas and problems during the works. Sometimes, the other team members could give you some ideas to help. Also, it could help us to understand the other member’s work process or progress. Under this condition, I tend to organize team building in each week. You can though the team building to know the other members outside the work environments. I hope that our team members could be a friend not colleague. Therefore, we can help each other to reach the target finally.

The second, our team may not have sufficient communication with the other teams within the organization. As of reason of this problem, it may because our team is just organized within the organization. Also, some of our team members are new employees in this organization. In this case, our team members may not have awareness to communicate with other departments’ employees. However, the internal communication within the organization is quite significant. Based on the sufficient internal communication (e.g. with other departments’ stuff), you can realize the information of our organization. Such information could help you to complete your assignments correctly. Considering this problem, I tend to encourage our team members to make more friends in our organization and join the other department’s activities. I hope that we can become a family within the organization not only co-operators or colleagues.

The third, team members fail to cooperate with others. Considering this issue, I believe that some of members (new employees) may not real understand the importance of collaboration. Here is an example could express the significance of cooperation within the team. It is obvious that each member have their individual assignments need to complete. However, if you cannot finish your assignment on time, you will negatively influence the other members. Finally, it will cause that we cannot complete the expected outputs. This is because that we are the team and we have the same target need to achieve. Thus, a good cooperation among members could help you to meet your individual tasks on time even in advance. Therefore, I hope some experienced members could help fresh members to understand their aim clearly. Also, giving them some advices or suggestions during the team cooperation.

The fifth, I may not have some issues to be a leader. To be honest, this is my personal issues. As I am a new leader here and I am not knowing our team member deeply, there are some problems occur in my job. I think that we should organized a clear team role within our team. On this occasion, I can understand each member’s tasks in first time and fix the current problem immediately. After that, I can totally realize the situation or issues about our team in the first time.

The finally one is the problem