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Entering the battle field
Afshin Afnani
February 4, 2015

Its finally time, I was ready for war, at least I thought I was, not knowing what lies before me on the battle field. Having done all I can to prepare and leaving with no regrets. Equipments check, rations check, the mother of all weapons check, my captain screaming loudly 5 minutes to departure that I heard it all the way from my barracks. Now that its crunch time my heart beet is starting to accelerate slowly, I’m filled with excitement but at the same time the nerves are kicking in, did I do all I could, could I have prepared more. It was too late to back down, everyone was waiting for me and it was now or never. Said goodbye to everybody know that if I were to come back I would be a changed man. Everything was loaded in the cars and ready to go, we made a few stops along the way to pick up a couple of my closest comrades. As I was reuniting with my comrades I felt like we get to our destination in a blink of eye. “There it is boys” the captain said as we were getting out of the car. The battle field was nothing I had ever imagined, at least no to this extent. The captain came all the way to the front lines with us but had to retreat after a short moment due to headquarters needing his assistants. As I slowly made my way into the trenches I saw my comrade who was also my best friend making preparations for the long battle ahead. We both smiled as we saw each other, it was as if it had been years since the last time we met or spoke to one another. As I was getting in closer to greet my comrade I spotted something strange in the distance, with a loud roar. Far beyond the trenches lied the beast, it had been my first time seeing such a thing. I was shocked, excited and curies at the same time, so much so that I had dropped my backpack with my snakes, toys and spare clothing. That day was the first time I had laid my eyes on the rear beast known as the computer. My first sleep over party, March of 2000.
The rear beast that everyone had been talking about but not too many who had the privilege of saying they owned, these rear creatures have been evolving over the past few years and have become a necessity for our daily lives and over time it has become rear to encounter a house hold that did not own one of these magnificent creations. When I first came across a computer I was lost for words, it was like nothing I had never seen before. When I first had the chance to use this amazing piece of technology it was like being stuck inside a maze, not knowing where the entrance is or the exit. All that was left was to wonder around, trying to figure out the layout of the maze and over time the exit and entrance became clear. Over time the need for computers has increased dramatically, computers have greatly affected the work force, education and communication with others. But they don’t necessarily have positive effects.
Going to the bank is a pain, having to wait in line that seemed to never move just to be able to manage my money, either to withdraw or the deposit and they have streaked hour. But the last time I went inside a bank to wait in a line to talk to somebody about a withdrawal was more than a year ago. Everything is done through online by using a computer. I no longer need to leave the comfort of my home to be able to manage money. Another example is when you go out shopping; you fill up your shopping cart with about 15 items and approach the checkout line. In the line you look at the casher and then look at the others in your line, you think to yourself “oh my god I’m going to be here all day, with this dinosaur as the cashier and the couple in front who look like they are gearing up to survive in a bunker underneath there basement for 3 months just in case a war breaks out in their neighborhood. It’s going to take forever if I stay in this line.” Now you have a second option when you go shopping, there are stations where you can use a computer